Uhlich begins to delve more into its advocacy efforts.


The Foster Care Independence Act of 1999 replaces the Independent Living Program. It now includes services for adolescents making the transition from foster care to independence and former foster youth up to age 21, including financial and housing assistance as well as counseling and other support services.

Uhlich achieves first accreditation from Council on Accreditation.


Throughout the summer of 2000, Uhlich generates publicity around the Hands without Gun Program by holding three vigils, each of which drew prominent civic and religious leaders from around Chicago.

The Chicago Bears pay a special visit to the residents of Uhlich resulting in a long-term relationship with former player Jim Harbough.

Uhlich holds its first Youth Advocacy Awards dinner, an extension of the growing advocacy efforts.


Uhlich changes its name from Uhlich Children’s Home to Uhlich Children’s Advantage Network. (November 18, 2002).

Uhlich Voices is launched, a performance group facilitating music-based youth leadership workshops.


Uhlich receives official recognition by the House of Representatives for the “work it does to reduce the incidence of child abuse and neglect in Illinois”. (April 16, 2003)

Uhlich Academy expands to include High School aged youth.


Uhlich Children’s Advantage Network merges with FamilyCare of Illinois


The Career Development program begins.

The Family Works program begins.

The Teen Parenting Services Network Clinical begins.


Almuni Services Program begins.

Uhlich expands and adds Adolescent Foster Care to its programming.

Uhlich youth leader, Tiffany Lewis, writes an editorial for the Chicago Tribune’s Voice of the People. The editorial “Stop Killing Kids” urges “all adults, and all young people, and all kids, to come together and agree to put down the guns and stop killing. Period. We urge our General Assembly members to take action on a series of common-sense bills ready for their consideration so that maybe this summer in Chicago can the safest summer on record.” (April 14, 2007)


Uhlich initiates the “Urban Suburban Youth Summit on Gun Violence,” the event where youth come together to address Chicago’s violence.